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Welcome to ACS Design & Leisure


ACS Design and Leisure offers martial arts, self defence, boxfit, games clubs, KEWAP knife awareness, children's mini fencing and budget web design; a wide combination of services made possible by over 30 years retail and e-commerce experience and over 15 years martial arts training and coaching. This enables ACS to offer contemporary skills and services that are in demand, useful, affordable and potentially life saving. Based in the Luton and Dunstable areas of Bedfordshire, ACS Design & Leisure currently offer all these services over a wide geographical area inckuding: Herts, Bucks and Northants


ACS Martial Arts

ACS Martial Arts offers Jujitsu classes. Clubs are mainly based at Leisure and Sports centres, with short term school clubs running in partnership with county & school sports organisers and local authority initiatives.

ACS Martial Arts continually evaluate venues for new and additional clubs with existing clubs relocating as local interests fluctuate.

ACS Self Defence

These are short duration self defence courses, for ladies, corporate groups and youth organisations. These courses are designed to equip the individuals with information regarding fear response, adrenal dump, avoidance, awareness and basic technique strategies. ACS Self Defence classes are not martial arts clubs and do not require any prior knowledge of physical self defence.




KEWAP - knife and edged weapons awareness programme is an educational tool, offering advise and strategies for dealing with knife awareness, avoidance and escape. ACS KEWAP classes are classroom based ideal for schools and youth groups where the problems of knife culture are examined before participants practise basic defensive techniques.

ACS Boxfit/Boxercise

Boxfit and Boxercise classes offer fitness and circuit routines using boxing drills and skills. These are challenging and fun-filled sessions that'll give your brain a good old work out as well! These routines and drills are often used as warm ups for ACS Martial Arts classes.



ACS Ninja Parties

Stuck for birthday party ideas? Bored of all those burger house smiley meals? Bendy balloon animals deflated?

Why not book one of our ACS Ninja Birthday Parties?

ACS Mini Ninjas

ACS Mini Ninjas (was Smart Clubz) are martial arts games clubs for 4-6 year olds. Designed to introduce basic self defence skills and etiquette in a fun games orientated environment sessions may also include simple ACS Boxercise drills and Go fencing sessions ideally suited for after-school clubs.



ACS Gofencing

Go fencing or mini fencing is an initiative by British Fencing that uses plastic equipment. ACS Go Fencing provides a safe way for children to learn basic fencing drills and skills before advancing to metal weapons fencing, go fencing is often used in combination with ACS Smart Clubz sessions.



ACS Design

ACS Design offers budget web design and content services, including copy writing and email design or construction, ideally suited to small businesses, hobbyists, clubs, associations.

In fact anyone who requires a basic web presence without any complicated functionality or expensive maintenance costs. We can even design your leaflet and business cards for you and arrange to get them printed.