Boxercise and Boxfit

Boxercise & Boxfit classes comprise exercise using boxing drills and circuits involving basic equipment, like weights or skipping ropes in a dynamic and non competitive environment geared towards creating a healthier you.

These circuits vary in complexity and difficulty depending on the the participants fitness and ability levels and include both punch bag 'solo striking' and focus pad striking under instructor supervision.

Boxercise involves lots of pad combination work coupled with fast and dynamic routines designed to get you thinking and puffing. Both provide great workouts and provide better mind challenges than stationary cycling and that alphabetically challenged, dance class, fitness franchise.

The objective is to push yourself, in a an environment that is comfortable, engaging, fun and safe - although competing with yourself is always a good thing and ensure that you achieve exactly what you want and deserve in terms of physical fitness and physique.

Stations, areas for designated exercise routines, are clearly explained and demonstrated so everyone understands both the objectives and time required to work each station - typically 1-2 minutes with 30 seconds rest in between.

Clearly everyone's fitness levels vary and we all have different motivations for exercise, be it weight loss or fitness improvement that said, participants are encouraged to give their best effort for each exercise station - you only cheat yourself if you deliberately under perform an exercise - so encouragement from those around you (if exercising in pairs or groups) and the instructor is very important.

The benefits of regular exercise are numerous but to name just a few:

  • healthier lifestyle
  • feel good factor
  • social (meet new friends)
  • weight loss
  • training for competition
  • burn more calories in an hour
  • you use your whole body
  • combines cardio and strengh training
  • improves agility
  • improves muscle definition
  • great stress reliever!

Boxercise and Boxfit routines are often used during ACS martial arts sessions as part of the warm up or prior to competition training. Separate Boxercise/Boxfit only sessions can also be organised for, clubs, youth groups and schools.