Stay Alert, Stay Alive

We all know the dangers, the daily news coverage brings it to our attention with depressing regularity. Not that long ago people living in exclusive areas of town or in rural districts felt themselves safe, knife crime was an inner city problem - not anymore!

Knife crime is a disease that strikes young and old, male and female and in any geographical location.

So, what can you do as a an individual to protect yourself against knife or edged weapon crime? Take up a martial art or self defence course? Learn some funky Jet Li or Jackie Chan knife disarms? - if only life were like a movie.

Truth is, many of the convoluted and technically difficult techniques practiced today by seasoned martial artists just wouldn’t work and if you’re one of those people who’d like to know how to protect yourself without committing to martial arts training how are you supposed to learn this complicated stuff?

That’s where KEWAP comes in.

- KEWAP isn't about knife fighting, unarmed combat or military orientated technique practice

- KEWAP teaches you that carrying a knife for defence isn’t cool and that the weapon you're carrying can often be used against you.

- KEWAP teaches you that not every edged weapon is a knife, household items such as screwdrivers, pens and plastic cutlery can be utilised as dangerous and life threatening weapons.

- KEWAP teaches you some very simple, when all else fails, knife defence techniques (18s only)

These techniques have been designed for those individuals who have little or no martial arts or self-defence training.

Importantly, KEWAP techniques do not require strength, time-served training or any real knowledge of urban combat in order to make them effective.

  • awareness
  • understanding the threat
  • avoidance
  • confidence
  • and so much more

KEWAP, knife and edged weapons awareness programme. KEWAP was devised in 2009 by national and international award winning instructor Steven Timperley who is also a former UK military specialist instructor.

KEWAP is specifically designed to be educational and thought provoking in regards to factual content documented in the respective course presentations. KEWAP elements are also included in many ACS Martial Arts & Self Defence classes.