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ACS Martial Arts runs adult and junior martial arts classes at various locations in the home counties area. Based in Luton Bedforshire, acs martial arts offers jujitsu clubs, in school demo and term allocated sessions, plus support for  local authority initiatives like Get Back Into and fit4life.

Jujitsu (also spelt ju-jitsu, jui jitsu etc) is a japanese martial art encompassing close-quarter, distance and ground fighting self-defence techniques. It is an extremely versatile and well rounded martial art with historic roots dating back to the Samurai periods of medieval Japan.

Covering many of the skills found in other martial arts styles, jujitsu, in it's simpler and more readily accessible form, does not specialise in one particular defensive arena, preferring instead to embrace a multitude of techniques from simple and basic to intricate and technical; basically something for all abilities, regardless of strength or age.

The originators of Judo and Aikido were both accomplished jujitsu practioners and ju-jitsu was one of the first Japanese martial arts practiced in the west, having arrived here during the 19th century as a musical hall test of strength; a unique marketing initiative employed by William Barton-Write who used this device to advertise his own jujitsu and cane fighting discipline called Bartitsu.

Jujitsu's versatility provides a wide and varied learning base for an individuals ability. Although certain techniques require a level of competence for students wishing to advance through the grades, individual age, ability and desire are taken into consideration when dealing with those who wishing to grade.

Some students just want to train and consider advancement through the ranks an unnecessary distraction, others take pride in their individual achievement - either way our coaches seek only to encourage and support.

In fact ACS Martial Arts view grades and belt advancements as secondary to the overall learning and training experience and actively discourage those who train only for rank advancement.

If your sole focus for training is to earn a black belt as quickly as you can then our classes are not for you, however, if you want to train, learn, have fun and broaden your horizons we're here to help.

Please note: All offers of a free training taster lesson apply only to children at any of our ACS Martial Arts classes. References to Free adult sessions found elswhere on sites not belonging to ACS Design & Leisure or any of it's subsiduary ACS businesses will not be honoured.

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