Mini Ninjas

Mini Ninjas (was Smart Clubz) was designed to introduce young children, ages 4-6 to some of the basic principles of martial arts in a fun, lively and safe environment.

  • ...ideal for those kids lacking confidence for team games
  • ...ideal for providing a simple introduction to the world of martial arts
  • ...ideal for those kids who love fun

These are not martial arts clubs, as we feel young children don’t understand what martial arts represent in terms of complicated practice and safety and, to be honest, most kids don’t really enjoy all that stuffy marching up down pointlessly punching thin air.

Children want to have fun, play games and make loads of noise. That said, it’s still important to learn some of the basic values associated with a martial arts clubs like respect, but you can do all that while still enjoying yourself!

The key principles of all Minininja sessions are:

  • fun - for all
  • respect - for all
  • safety first

ACS Mini Ninja classes are a great place for children who don't like team sports, are intimidated by 'sporty' types, who need to exsercise more and meet new friends.

There are no expensive equipment costs or club memberships just occasional grading assessments based on a few simple agility awareness and safety tests.

We've supplied sessions (under our Smart Clubz branding) for the following schools:

  • Russell Lower School Ampthill - sports activity day
  • Sacred Heart Infant School - Luton
  • William Austin Primary School - Luton
  • Somaries Infants School - Luton
  • Chantry Primary Academy

Based in Luton, ACS Magfa are happy to offer Minininja sessions in the greater Bedfordshire areas and beyond.

If you'd like more information on Mini ninjas or are interested in a FREE session for you school then please contact us as follows: