Ninja Parties

Birthday parties, don't you just love 'em, for the kids I mean not your own, mind you you may love your own, you may be just a big kid at heart, well that's cool but then so are our Ninja Parties.

So what's an ACS Ninja party? A very good question, but as the way of the Ninja is steeped in mystery and murky legend I couldn't possibly tell you, not without first making you swear an oath that you will not reveal the secrets of the Ninja.

To do this you will need to reveal the hidden ninja password below ….

Perhaps it would be easier to tell you what a ACS Ninja Party isn't. Well they aren't a burger and milkshake fest, it could be, if that's what you want to provide in the way of food but Ninja fun doesn't come in a  sesame seed bun!

ACS Ninja Parties don't include bendy balloon folding animal skills, we could arrange that, but pointy (don't worry not too sharp) Ninja throwing stars aren't balloon animal friendly - if get what we mean.

ACS Ninja Parties aren't about leaping into ball pools (have to admit we do like ball pools) climbing ropes or steel frames and although Ninja's do climb, trees, walls and have been known to skip along the odd rooftop or two, health and safety wouldn't approve, so we have to limit our activities to ground based fun and entertainment like:

  • Ninja throwing stars game
  • Sensei says
  • Commando punch
  • Musical Ninja
  • Swords of the Ninja
  • Hide and speak
  • Hunt the Ninja

If you'd like to know mow about ACS Ninja PArties then please contact us and remember it's a secret don't tell anyone, except your guests.