Self Defence

"It is better to avoid than to run; better to run than to de-escalate; better to de-escalate than to fight; better to fight than to die.  The very essence of self-defense is a thin list of things that might get you out alive when you are already screwed."  - Rory Miller

Martial arts isn't self-defence - fact! Many martial arts techniques taught in a 'uniform free' environment without paying heed to the different circumstances and situations that self defence demands will fail when put to the test.

Flamboyant, technically advanced, multi-faceted moves, requiring finely tuned motor-skills have no place in a self defence class where the focus should be on short sharp defence, escape and avoidance.

True, many martial arts techniques provide excellent self-defence tools but practicing self defence is not the same as learning or practicing a martial art. One requires years of dedicated and regular practise the other a few hours at most.

Those teaching a cobbled together set of techniques derived from their own martial art as self defence are ultimately doing both themselves and their patrons a huge disservice.

The criminals and opportunists roaming our streets are looking for soft targets, the ability to smash boards and break bricks with your bear hands mean nothing when faced with chemical and biological reactions your body undergoes as the result of a threatening encounter.

Self defence starts with defence of the self, which means, paying heed to avoidance, using awareness, projecting confidence (even if it's not real) and recognising both the negative and positive effects of adrenal dump and the fight or flight system.

ACS Self Defence includes strategies and techniques created by some of the world’s leading self defence experts. Those lessons employed by us have been honed and used over many years by many self-defence experts, men like BAFTA award winner, author, martial artist and self-protection specialist - Geoff Thompson, who's skills and teaching are in constant demand all over the world.

An accomplished martial artist, his many years working the doors in Coventry showed what did and didn't work when it came to dealing with violent and aggressive confrontation and ACS chief instructor, David Brown, has been certified by Geoff to deliver his unique strategies, encompassing key components such as:

  • awareness
  • posturing
  • pre-emptive action
  • the law
  • the fence

ACS Self Defence can deliver self defence courses tailored to your own individual needs be it a club, organisation, work environment or you can sign up to one of our regular courses.

Courses and demonstration events already provided by ACS Self Defence include:

  • Get Back Into Luton - Ladies self defence course
  • Vandyke School Girl Guides - session to support ‘confidence’ theme
  • Somaries Infants School - Ladies self defence
  • Bury Park Community Centre - mixed sex, adults with learning difficulties
  • New Horizons - mixed sex, adults with learning difficulties